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~Multidimensional Healing~

I do this work with the utmost integrity, honesty and gratitude, and feel that it is an honor to get to be of service—to Spirit, as well as to all who use my services—in this way. I consider my work to be my calling, a sacred vocation

 About My Work

My beautiful journey, which has taken me many places—both physically and metaphysically—has allowed me to step fully into the reality of being a multidimensional being and to access the energies of the many layers of these dimensions. Over the past 25+ years, the healing work I do has evolved. It has become evident that I am primarily working at a quantum level, tapping into the Divine field of full potentialitythe Unitive Field of Consciousness. During a healing or mentoring session—which is a co-creative process between myself and my client—I am tapping into the energy field of my client and bringing forth what is most beneficial to be worked on during the session. When I am providing a mediumship reading or an Angel & Spirit Guide reading, I am translating between the realms and dimensions, and bringing forth messages from the client’s loved one(s) in Spirit or Angels and Spirit Guides—whichever you choose.

I offer sessions online via Zoom, Google Meet, or over the phone

Please reach out to me through my contact page for an appointment

My fees are listed on the bottom of this page

The Multidimensional Services I Provide

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Mediumship Readings

A mediumship reading, when done with integrity, can be a catalyst for profoundly transformative spiritual experiences

During mediumship readings I am connecting with beings who reside in the spirit world and am translating between the realms and dimensions. This form of communication is also called interdimensional communication. Mediumship allows people to connect with their loved ones in spirit, and beings in the spirit world to connect with their loved ones here in the physical realm. This is beneficial for both the client and the loved one(s) in spirit. My intention in doing this work is to help bring healing and to show that our loved ones, who are no longer here with us physically, are still with us in spirit. Our essence/spirit/consciousness continues beyond this physical life, and there is great joy in not only knowing this, but also in sharing it.

As far back as I can remember I’ve been able to sense spirit, and have always been highly sensitive and intuitive. It is an honor to do this sacred work and I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones and facilitating a family reunion beyond the veil.

Because I do this work with the utmost respect for ethics and honesty, I always let my clients know that there is no guarantee of who a medium will connect with, or what information will come through. It will always be information that is of the highest vibration and filled with love, but beyond that no guarantees can be made. If the client does not hear from the loved one they hope to, that does not mean that they are not present nor that they are not interested in communicating with their loved one, it can simply mean that perhaps the medium and the loved one in Spirit just aren’t on the same frequency.

I also let clients know that I do not give advice, and that any messages that come through from loved ones in Spirit, or Angels and Spirit Guides, should not be construed as advice being given. And that whatever the client does with the information that is gleaned in a reading is entirely up to the client, they should always use their free will, and their own judgement and discernment.

Angel & Spirit Guide Readings

Perhaps you already know we all have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides and are not sure how to connect with yours. Or maybe you haven’t even heard of Spirit Guides. One of the beautiful things about these lovely Beings is that whether we know about them or not, whether we intentionally connect with them or not, they provide guidance in our lives through our intuition. They are always watching over us, guiding us and showering us with love!

If you are curious about what your Angels and Spirit Guides want you to know, or simply want validation that what you suspect your Angels and Guides are revealing to you through your intuition is spot on, perhaps a reading with me is just what your intuition is guiding you to. Let’s connect and see what comes through.

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Intuitive Spoken Word Energy Healing

Intuitive Spoken Word Energy Healing is a noninvasive, deeply relaxing, profoundly balancing, energy healing technique that I developed—with guidance from my Angels and Spirit Guides—over the 14 years that I practiced Reiki (an energy healing technique developed in Japan by Usui Mikao in the early 1900s).

During a session, I focus on being truly present with my client, and place my awareness on my breath and heart-center. After expanding my awareness, I connect heart-to-heart with my client and hold the intention of sharing beneficial energy encoded with healing frequencies.

At the start of each session I get the client’s permission to engage with their energy field and let intuitive visions flow—through clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience and clairsentience—which allows me to see and feel where subtle energy may be stagnant or discordant. Once I feel where the imbalance is, it can be cleared and released so optimal flow can be achieved and balance restored. Often, after a session, clients report feeling rejuvenated, renewed, replenished and restored. And the visions I receive during the sessions often lead the client to further self discovery.

What people share after working with me:

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This is my first experience at such a form of healing and I loved it. I went into the session really quite stressed, and Chenee’s meditation calmed me right down. I really felt the re-balancing my energy and the experience was really special. What’s more, Chenee’s flexibility in doing a last-minute session was hugely appreciated. Would 100% recommend.

~ F.S. in Switzerland

This was a wonderful experience to heal on a personal level and connect with the innate wisdom of my pet! Chenee was the host for a small gathering of friends as part of a birthday present and guided us into a beautiful, powerful visualization exercise that led all beings present into a calm and grounded place by the end of the session. Highly recommend this truly unique experience, especially during these challenging times!

~ J and friends in CA

Stress leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to serious disease. Chenee’s work is undervalued compared to the medical system that exists in this country. If you didn’t know you need some energy healing in your life, well, now you know.

~ J.A. in N.Y.

Chenee is amazing, she created a very relaxing space for our group of friends and our pets. Our session was very calming and healing.

~ M. in CA

Chenee is wonderful and has a true gift! I greatly appreciate her knowledge, insight and nurturing way of offering guidance. She has helped empower me with how to practice a healthy balance through self healing. I’m grateful I found Chenee.

~ M.M. in TX

What a treat for me and my dogs, I have never known them so quiet!! It even helped relieve the pain in my hips…totally unexpected. A truly lovely experience

~ S.O. in the U.K.

My morning with Chenee was one of the best I’ve had in a long time! Just meeting her was a pleasure and her knowledge and guidance helped open my eyes and changed my perspective on the power of the mind. If you’re at all interested in Reiki, meditation, or spirituality, I would definitely recommend this experience. Thank you, Chenee.

~ S.G. in FL

Chenee is amazing , very knowledgeable about Reiki . This being Our first experience with this form of meditation we left feeling a complete sense of peace and calmness, the overall experience is indescribable not to mention the view enhanced the experience.

~ B. in CA

This experience was uplifting and freeing. I am truly grateful for Chenee’s knowledge and radiating energies! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience with you and nature. I will definitely be applying what I learned from Chenee in my every day routine! Peace. Love. Happiness.

~ C.D. in CA

This experience was relaxing and uplifting at the same time. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and it was so nice to turn that off for a little while. Actually, I didn’t turn it off, somehow the experience with Chenee did. Our conversation and her guided imagery/visualizations put me at ease right away and transported me to a very peaceful vibrant place in my imagination. I could see the benefit of doing this regularly, but even this one time shifted something in me very positively. I look forward to my next session and can wholeheartedly recommend Chenee to anyone looking for something very special!

~S.F. in CA

It’s 24 hours later as I write this review and I’m still impressed. Chenee is a Reiki master and that showed: she has lots of knowledge and really took me to another world with her meditation. She is simply amazing. She kindly guided me through the basics of Reiki, connected herself, her dog, my cat and me in meditation and both my cat and I enjoyed the serene hour a lot! I highly recommend Chenee and will definitely come back.

~C.V. in the Netherlands

Chenee offered a really wonderful experience for both me and my cat, Obi. He has been having several health issues over the last two years and has slowed down considerably. Chenee offered a wonderful meditation and reiki experience that benefited both Obi and myself. Later in the evening, Obi for the first time in very long time was playful and had more pep than usual! Really happy I found Chenee’s reiki service!

~ L.R. in PA

Stress can cause inflammation which can lead to diseases, disorders, and illnesses. Thankfully, the body possesses an astonishing and persistent capacity to heal itself! Energy healing can lower stress levels, which allows your body to more rapidly move into the innate self-healing mode.

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As an energy intuitive, I am holding the space, and inviting the client to relax, be present, allow time for themselves, trust their own intuition and allow their own innate wisdom to arise, which can lead to profound epiphanies, emotional release, increased vitality and a deep state of relaxation.

I never claim to heal anyone, this is always a co-creative process. I feel that by focusing awareness within myself, tapping into and reading the quantum field, listening to the guidance of Spirit, being truly present and calming the field surrounding myself and—by extension—the client, the energy will work for the client’s highest good, and the client’s participation is always an integral part of the process. My intention is to empower each person to be their own healer!


The following is a partial list of benefits that people have reported following their energy sessions:

Deep sense of well-being
Reduced stress and less anxiety
Better quality of sleep
Emotional peace and balance
Lessening of feelings of grief
A decrease in pain (headaches, nerve pain, arthritis, etc.)
A sense of being more fully present in their lives
Intuitive awakening
A stronger sense of self-trust
Spiritual peace


I offer my services online via Zoom or Google Meet, by phone, or distant/remote (which means that I and my client are in different locations and I tune in to them energetically, but not via technology).


I accept payment through Paypal or Venmo. Payment is due within 48-hours of booking to hold your appointment time.


Intuitive Spoken Word Energy Healing

60-minutes: $155

Mediumship Reading or Angel and Spirit Guide Reading

60-minutes: $155

If you need to reschedule once the appointment is set: please email me at least 48-hours prior to your appointment to pick a different time. The fee for energy healing and mentoring is nonrefundable, but the fee for mediumship readings can be refunded if for any reason I am not able to connect with one of your loved ones in Spirit. By booking a session with me you agree to these terms of service, and acknowledge the disclaimer on the bottom of this page.


If you are unable to afford the fee, please email me, as I can offer a sliding-scale fee structure

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and do not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, give medical advice, prescribe medication, or interfere with the care provided by a client’s healthcare professional. The modalities listed on my website should not be used in place of medical care from a licensed medical or psychological healthcare provider. Please note, that the state of California does not license Reiki practitioners, thus, although I am a certified Reiki Master, I am not licensed by the state of California.


The Mediumship readings, Spirit Guide readings and mentoring sessions are not to be seen as me giving you advice. Whatever you decide to do with the information that flows through is entirely up to you. The sessions and readings are for educational or informational purposes, not medical, psychological or legal purposes. By using any service provided by Chenee, you agree to these terms.