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I’ll be facilitating a group energy healing session titled: Tapping Into Other Realms Through Spoken Word Energy Healing, at the International Association for Near-Death Studies conference in Phoenix, AZ. The conference runs from August 28 – September 1, 2024, and my presentation will be on Saturday, August 31st.

I will also be one of the mediums volunteering readings for conference attendees, Friday through Sunday. Please see the schedule to learn more and make an appointment. All fees are paid to IANDS as a donation.
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IANDS 2024 Conference
IANDS conference info

Podcast Interviews

Jane Asher, “The Next Room”
My episode is titled: Distinct But Not Different

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Betty Guadagno, “Explore the Extraordinary”
My episode is titled: Unlocking Spiritual Secrets Since Childhood

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BTRG Podcast

Sarah Rathke and Jane Morgan, “Medium Curious”
One of my stories about signs, synchronicities, and communicating with a loved one in Spirit, who is one of my beloved angels, is featured on a podcast titled:
The Monarch Episode, Stories of Signs and Synchronicities

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Kimberly Montgomery: “Journey to The New Earth”
My episode is titled: The Earth is Rising Ascension is Coming 

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One of my stories about communicating with a beloved angel—who was one of my beloved dogs in this physical realm—and continues to be present in my life daily, will be published in Mediumship, Sacred Communications with Loved Ones from Across the Veil, by Suzanne Giesemann. It will be pusblished in October of 2024, by Sacred Stories Publishing and Media in their Common Sentience collection.
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