I am an evidential medium, angel and spirit guide intuitive, multidimensional healer, and a spiritual mentor

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had countless spiritually transformative experiences (STEs). They have ranged from seeing beings from other dimensions to receiving guidance in the form of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience. Thankfully, these experiences never frightened me. As an adult, I learned that being able to easily sense beings in Spirit runs in my family on the maternal side. As opposed to believing this is a gift reserved for only a few, I believe that we are all born with this capability at differing levels. The gift, for me, comes in knowing that this is natural and having the interest in expanding and deepening my abilities. I have a deep knowing that my Soul has been cultivating these abilities for countless lifetimes, and I am honored to live my Soul’s purpose, which is to be a lightworker, energy intuitive, teacher, mentor, and a mediuma bridge between the realms and dimensions.

In addition to the courses I’ve completed, the attunements and initiations I’ve received, and the certifications I’ve earned, I’ve also learned and evolved exponentially through life and spiritually transformative experiences, spiritual retreats, meditation, traveling—which included living in two other countries in addition to the US—and following my Soul’s guidance. I am grateful to my Angels and Spirit Guides—the Illuminated Ones—for mentoring me, guiding me, unconditionally loving me, and showing me how to more fully and joyfully walk my Soul’s path. This guidance has led me to learn about many varied topics over the years, through courses and reading, such as quantum theory, neuroscience, consciousness studies, spirituality, mediumship, various modalities of energy healing—including Reiki, in which I am trained to the highest level—and intuition.

Whether you are looking for an evidential medium, an angel and spirit guide intuitive, a spiritual mentor, or an energy healer, you have landed on my site for a reason. Perhaps your intuition brought you here, or maybe you had a loved one recommend my services. However it is that you made your way here, welcome!


My heartfelt appreciation to everyone who trusts me to do this sacred work with them!

~ Be well! ~