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The Guidance You Seek Truly Does Arise From Within


I love my life and look forward to accompanying you on your journey to craft the life that brings you more joy, vitality, wellness and peace—a life you love even more today than yesterday!

Have you read, been told, or just simply known that the guidance you seek arises from within yourself? Have you doubted that this is true? Do you know that this is true, but can’t seem to tap into this guidance, or even if you can, haven’t learned to trust it yet? Whether you know your intuition really can guide you if you tap into it, or you are skeptical that the answers you seek are within you and just waiting to be known, our work together can lead you to a sense of clarity, and self-trust. My style of mentoring is one that will empower you to feel your intuition and learn to trust it.

No one knows you better than you do. So, who better to trust than yourself to guide you? Our work together will be driven by you, because you are the expert of all things you. I will joyfully invest my time and effort in assisting you to better connect to your inner-wisdom—your intuition. Your investment in yourself is only limited by your doubts, let’s work together and release those doubts.

As a mindset mentor, my commitment to you is that I will support you in tapping into your intuition, learning to trust it, and taking next steps that are meaningful as you move toward a life that is more vital, authentic, joyful and fulfilling. I also commit to being fully present and open to you during our sessions, and to listen deeply, allowing trust to form not only between us, but also between yourself and your intuition.

In addition to completing formal energy healing and mediumship training, I’ve also had countless profound spiritually transformative experiences throughout my life, and thankfully these continue to this day. My life experiences have led me to develop my own style of mentoring. I truly feel that just as the student finds the right teacher at the right time, anyone seeking a mentor will find the right one at the right time. Please reach out to me through my contact page to request an appointment or ask any questions you may have regarding us working together.



Due within 48-hours of booking to hold your appointment time. Fees are nonrefundable, but as long as you give me at least a 48-hour notice that you need to reschedule, you may choose a different appointment time or even a different service. By booking with me you agree to these terms and to the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Sessions are offered via Zoom, Google Meet or the phone

60-minutes: $155

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and do not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, give medical advice, prescribe medication, or interfere with the care provided by a client’s healthcare professional. The modalities listed on my website should not be used in place of medical care from a licensed medical or psychological healthcare provider. Please note, that the state of California does not license Reiki practitioners, thus, although I am a certified Reiki Master, I am not licensed by the state of California.



The Mediumship readings, Spirit Guide readings and/or mentoring sessions are not to be seen as me giving you advice. Whatever you decide to do with the information that flows through is entirely up to you. The sessions and readings are for educational or informational purposes, not medical, psychological or legal purposes. By using any service provided by Chenee, you agree to these terms.