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I feel very fortunate to live my calling, to have a life I love, and I enjoy assisting others to cultivate a life they love!

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Hello beautiful Souls! Thank you for your interest in learning more about me. My name is Chenée, I’m an evidential spiritual medium, angel and spirit guide intuitive, multidimensional healer, certified Reiki Master, certified sound healer, transformational life coach and an intuition/spiritual mentor. I am inspired by creativity in all forms, the strength and depth of the human and animal Spirit, this beautiful planet, living authentically, and assisting people to live with joy, vitality and flow. I consider what I do to be a form of translation between the realms—the seen and unseen, the tangible and intangible, the mundane and the mystical.

Since childhood, I’ve been highly sensitive and intuitive—with the ability to sense Spirit—and have had countless spiritually transformative experiences (STEs)  throughout my life—including after death communications (ADCs), out of body experiences (OBEs) and shared death experiences (SDEs). These experiences have ranged from seeing beings from other dimensions to receiving guidance in the form of intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairalience and clairaudience. Being able to naturally sense Spirit is an ability that runs in my family on my maternal side. And, from both my paternal and maternal sides, intuition is prominent.

As for my spiritual “education,” for over 40 years I’ve followed my heart’s desire to learn about various spiritual and mystical traditions. This has included attending a 10-day silent Zen meditation retreat, a 4-day in-person event with the Dalai Lama focused on teachings of the Heart Sutra, a 15-day Wisdom School retreat and an 8-day Centering Prayer retreat—both with Cynthia Bourgeaultretreats with James Finley, numerous shorter retreats in both eastern and western philosophies, receiving darshan from Amma (the hugging saint), attending training with the Compassionate Listening Project, and completing a nine-month interfaith spiritual-care/chaplain residency at Dignity hospital in California. Because I love learning about Life, I am sure that I will continue learning until my last breath. And, in fact, this wisdom gathering will continue even beyond my physical life, I’ll simply be learning from a higher frequency.

In addition to offering my services through my private wellness arts practice, I also volunteered for five years with Pathways Hospice in California. I provided Reiki to patients and their loved ones, and also sat in vigil with people who were imminently making their transition from this physical life to the Realm of Spirit.

Over the many years of being an energy intuitive and healer, I realized that I was being called to be of service as an evidential spiritual medium. This led me to training with two fantastic mediums, Annie Gee—authorized to teach Mavis Pittilla’s Way, and Suzanne Giesemann. In addition to the appreciation that I have for these teachers, I also feel indescribable gratitude and love for my Angels, Spirit Guides, ancestors of the Light and my Soul-self, who continue to teach, mentor, accompany, love, bless and guide me. My intention in doing this sacred work is to always honor the Divine by providing my services with respect, integrity, honesty and love, and to always remind people of their agency, sovereignty and divinity.

It is a great honor to get to do this sacred work.
To every person who trusts me to do this work with you, thank you!